Why Schedule Your Free Consultation with Us?

If you’re considering dental implants or a smile makeover, there’s no need to hassle with different doctors in different offices.  With a board-certified periodontist and a nationally-recognized prosthodontist on staff, Dental Implant Center of Royal Oak offers the advanced expertise you need in one location to provide comprehensive dental care from diagnosis through treatment.

What happens during your in-office Free Consultation?

During your visit, we’ll take a 3D CAT Scan of your jaw area ($500 value). Dr. Elhage or Dr. El-Banhawy will review your images, examine your mouth region, and assess your oral needs. He’ll answer your questions and discuss treatment options. Limited to new patients only.

Remember: a free consultation is a conversation. It’s not a commitment. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful smile to gain. 

Schedule Your Free
Dental Implant Consultation

  About Dr. Elhage & Dr. El-Banhawy

Dr. Elhage and Dr. El-BanhawyDr. Elhage is a prosthodontist. Dr. El-Banhawy is a board-certified periodontist. Together, the doctors offer a unique dual expertise in one office. As a result, they’re able to diagnose, plan, place, and restore your implants from beginning to end in one location. This eliminates your driving to different offices, meeting with different doctors, and receiving multiple bills.

Further, our doctors work in a state-of-the-art surgical center designed to deliver exceptional patient care using the most advanced technology available, including a 3D Cone Beam Scanner, which provides pristine, 3D images of the jaw and mouth areas for a more thorough, comprehensive examination and better preparation.

If you are about to lose your teeth or have many missing teeth, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Schedule your Free Consultation with Dr. Elhage or Dr. El-Banhawy right now by calling or completing the nearby form.

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