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A more healthy, white, beautiful smile will not only make you more attractive, it will also boost your self-confidence, make you happier, and literally add a few years to your life. At Dental Implant Center of Royal Oak, Dr. Elhage and Dr. El-Banhawy combine the latest technology with a thorough understanding of dental anatomy to give you the warm, engaging smile you’ve always wanted. If you’d like to change the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile, connect with us today to discuss a variety of options, from simple color correction to replacing missing teeth.

Get started today and save up to $500 on your smile makeover procedure. Your total savings depends upon your procedure. Contact our office for complete details.

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Smile Makeover
About the Dental Implant Center Of Royal Oak

Our practice specializes in Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants, and Sedation Dentistry. A Smile Makeover typically involves elective treatments and focuses on improving the overall appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile. Common procedures range from the relatively simple, such as teeth whitening, to more complex dental care such as implants. All procedures can be done at this location, usually within a single day, by either Dr. Elhage or Dr. El-Banhawy.

To learn how a Smile Makeover can change your smile, call or use the nearby form to schedule a free cosmetic consultation.

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